Friday, February 13, 2009

The Foundation Club

I'm reading a book that was written in 2006 and it is scary how accurate the author has predicted some of the government actions such as bank and mortgage company bailouts, and increased spending in programs to stimulate the economy. (Old adage: You can't borrow your way out of debt.)

The book also predicts rapidly rising inflation which I agree will probably happen this year. So while I'm hoping we will never see riots in the cities, nor do I think we'll have to 'bug-out' to a safe house, as are predicted in the book, it does occur to me that it doesn't hurt to prepare a little bit for difficult economic times.

The first step would be to form a preparedness club. It is preferred to do this in real life, but we can also motivate each other on-line, if there is interest. I propose we name it "The Foundation Club" merely because that is where I'd like to focus - not on Y2K survivalist techniques - but on strengthening our basic lifestyle and economic foundations with a focus on resources, not just money, and a nuts-and-bolts approach to physical preparedness (emergency evacuation kits, etc.)

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